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Understanding underemployment among contingent workers

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Author(s): Connelly, C. E., Wilkin, C. L., & Gallagher, D. G.

Date: 2011

Resource: In D. Maynard & D. Feldman (Eds.). Underemployment: Psychological, economic, and social challenges (pp. 145-163). New York: Springer.

Contingent workers, who do not have ongoing employment with a single organization, are an increasingly important component of the workforce in many countries (e.g., Batt, Holman, & Holtgrewe, 2009; De Cuyper et al., 2008; Mauno, Kinnunen, Mäkikangas, & Nätti, 2005). The proportion of workers with contingent work arrangements, alternatively known as fixed-term contracts, precarious work arrangements, or nonstandard employment contracts, are likely to increase, because these types of contracts present several advantages to employers.

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