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The final battle in the Return To Office war?

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Author(s): Fish, J.

Date: 2023

Resource: The Big Story

This summer, a whole bunch of companies—including, ironically, Zoom—announced return-to-office mandates, with few exceptions. Some of those companies have since backtracked, while others have held firm. This is, however, the third September to feature these attempts to lure employees back to downtown office buildings, and it hasn’t really worked so far.

Will tougher measures get it done where snacks and perks have failed? Will anything convince employees who have options to give up their work-life balance for a pointless commute? What have we lear5ned about in-person vs. remote work over the3 past few years, anyway? Is there really any reason this fight is still going?

GUEST: Dr. Catherine Connelly, Professor of Human Resources & Management, McMaster University

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