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Podcast Episode – TEAMS Work: Secrets of Knowledge-Hungry Teams

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Attached image of Podcast Episode – TEAMS Work: Secrets of Knowledge-Hungry Teams

Author(s): Dault, M. (Host)

Date: 2022

Resource: Smith Business Insight Podcast

Much as we like to think that sharing knowledge is normal team behaviour, the reality is that we often struggle to find that key piece of information a co-worker is overlooking or hiding. Same goes for getting worthwhile feedback. People seem too busy or shy or skittish to offer advice that would improve a team member’s performance. This episode shows you how to release the knowledge dam.

Our guests this episode are Catherine Connelly and Diana Drury. Dr. Connelly is a professor of human resources and management at McMaster University, where she holds a Canada Research Chair in Organizational Behaviour. She earned her PhD at Smith School of Business, where she began her work in knowledge sharing. Diana Drury is the director of team and executive coaching and is a team performance coach at Smith School of Business. They are joined in conversation by host Meredith Dault.

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