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Identifying the ideal fit between mobile work and mobile work support

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Author(s): Yuan, Y., Archer, N., Connelly, C. E., & Zheng, W.

Date: 2010

Resource: Information & Management, 47(3), 125-137

The rapid growth in the use of wireless communication and portable devices has created a potential for a variety of mobile work support. However, few studies have explored the nature of mobile work, examined the needs for its support, and identified the appropriate support for various kinds of work in mobile contexts. In our study, a mobile task model was proposed and tested, including three dimensions: mobility, location dependency, and time criticality. Four context-related mobile work support functions were examined: location tracking, navigation, notification, and online job dispatching. In the light of task-technology fit theory and attitude/behavioral theory, we proposed a research model for the fit between task characteristics and the four mobile work support functions. The ideal fit was analyzed on the basis of empirical data collected from a sample of mobile knowledge and field workers. Our study resulted in a theoretical contribution to task/technology fit theory in the context of mobile work support, and suggested guidelines for the development and use of mobile work support systems.

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