Connelly Lab



Thank you for your interest in our research!

At the Connelly Laboratory for Organizational Behaviour Research, we are working to better understand how workers are being affected by recent transformations in the workplace, and how workers are reacting to these transformations. The people who take the time to share their experiences with us make this research possible. Contact us at connlab AT mcmaster DOT ca to be added to our pool of potential participants.

Rights and protections for study participants

If you express an interest in participating in a study, you’re not under any obligation to do so, or to participate in future studies. If we contact you about a study, you are free to choose whether to participate or not. You may at any time contact us at connlab AT mcmaster DOT ca to be removed from our pool of potential participants.

All of our research projects are reviewed by the McMaster University Research Ethics Board. We take measures to protect the confidentiality of any information participants share with us.


Current Studies