Purpose of the Study

I am conducting a study to find out more about the experiences of professional musicians in Canada. For this research, it is important for me to understand what type of gigs musicians do and how they find these gigs.

What will happen during the study?

I will ask you questions about your experience as a professional musician. For example, I will ask if you have ever done any unpaid gigs and whether you work at another job in addition to your work in music. Our conversation will take about 30-60 minutes. I will take handwritten notes, and if you agree then I would also like to audio-record our conversation so that I can remember what you said. We can talk via Skype or telephone if you prefer.

I would also like to view any social media accounts you have (e.g. Instagram, YouTube). Before we speak, I will have already listened to performances you have posted online. This will give me some background on your musical style.

Please contact me at lefcoea AT mcmaster DOT ca to learn more about this study or to participate.

(Photo by Rod Long)